Practical wedding logistics

May 24, 2021

wedding logisticsWeddings have timelines, which we’ve written about before. A timeline is a schedule. But wedding schedules involve even more. They involve logistics, which is all about coordination. Here are a few wedding logistics considerations to keep in mind.

Where will you get dressed? Does the ceremony location have a suitable space for bride, bridesmaids, groom, and groomsmen? All of the above? Some of the above? Or none of the above?

Will your reception take place at a different location than your ceremony? This affects your timeline and what to do with your guests until you arrive.

When and where will you take wedding photographs? Will you plan on ‘first look’ photography (before the ceremony) or more traditional post-ceremony portraiture?

Will you have a reception line? If yes, where? If not, how will you greet guests?

Does your venue impose noise or curfew restrictions? This affects your music as well as putting time pressure on your party to finish on time. By the same token, be sure you’ve got key vendors such as bands, djs, photographers, and videographers scheduled for as much time as your event runs.

How will you handle gifts if guests bring them to your ceremony? What about the reception? Where will you put them? Where do you want them taken after your event, and who will be responsible for transporting them?

Timelines and logistics can be daunting. DJ Brian Anderson makes it all much easier for you with online pre-planning tools exclusively for our clients. Learn more today without obligation. Let DJ Brian Anderson maximize your peace of mind on your wedding day.

How about a tango for your first dance song?

By Brian Anderson | January 18, 2021

tango first dance songAre you an adventurous dancer? Interested in doing something a little different for your wedding dance? Perhaps you should consider the tango as your first dance song. Here’s how one couple did it for their wedding:

You may remember Al Pacino dancing the tango to the same song in the movie “Scent of a Woman:”

Another alumni of the Godfather movies, Robert Duval, starred in a movie based on the tango, called “Assassination Tango.” His real-life wife, Luciana Pedraza, an Argentina native, co-starred and dances with him in the scene below:

A writer named Stephen Brown said this about the tango:

“In tango, heaven is found through the simple gift of grace. That comes from getting out on the dance floor with the person that happens to be right for the moment, opening one’s heart and falling in love again.”

La Nuit Blanche describes the dance as a life-changing experience:

“When the tango took hold of me, it was as if I had found the ultimate lover. No single experience can be as fascinating as this dance. No single work of art is so replete with all the joy and sorrow and longing and tragi-comedy of the human race, as is a tango danced between a man and a woman. It is labyrinthine, yet so simple. Each lasts just a few moments, yet it is eternal.”

The dance is sensual and exotic with origins in Argentina.

Does the tango work as a first dance song? Absolutely, if you take time to learn, rehearse, and polish the dance. Not everyone is up to the challenge. Are you?

If yes, here is a beginner’s video:

Whatever you decide, DJ Brian Anderson will play your first dance song on shockingly clear high end equipment while bathing the dance floor with sensual decor lighting just right for the song.

Why You Need A Photo Booth for Your Wedding Celebration

By Brian Anderson | January 17, 2021

The best way to create an entertaining atmosphere for your wedding celebration is by adding a fun photo booth. Photo booths are proven to be a great addition to any party, especially a wedding reception.

Photo booths give guests a chance to let loose and enjoy their time together as friends and family. Your guests won’t ever forget the amazing time they had together at your reception, and they will love taking home keepsake photos to cherish forever from your celebration!

A photo booth is a perfect addition for your upcoming wedding, and here are the top reasons why you should consider having it:

 Perfect Way To Break the Ice

Guests at a your wedding reception may not want to dance, but believe me, everyone loves taking pictures. Everyone may not know each other either, and it creates a great way to break the ice. It makes it easy for those who aren’t ready to dance yet to interact with each other through our photo booth experience. Guests can use our wide selection of props (hats, glasses, boas and signs) to create the perfect photograph with each other.

Awesome Keepsake Souvenir from your Wedding

Everyone loves to look back at old pictures to remember good times from the past. Your guests will hold onto their photos forever.  They’ll frame them and even put them on their refrigerator for all to see. Guests can even send digital pictures to their phones or email.  A photo lives on forever. A photo booth gives your guests something to take home with them that they will never forget. Giving your guests a fun take-home gift is always a good idea for a wedding. The photos that they receive will always remind them of the fun they had at your reception. You can look back and laugh about the way you were posing, the funny props you decided to wear, or just the laughter that you enjoyed that night. They have the opportunity to always look back and revisit that awesome day.

It’s Entertaining! That’s What Your Wedding Reception Is All About!

The top reason that you should add a photo booth to your wedding is it will entertain guests for sure! Entertainment is the top priority at your celebration. I mean who wants to have a party where guests are bored? Everyone will always be able to remember how awesome your reception was and will never stop talking about that special day!

Based in Rainsville, AL, we serve Huntsville, Decatur, Cullman, Guntersville, Scottsboro, Fort Payne, Gadsden, Anniston to Birmingham, Chattanooga and beyond with quality wedding entertainment!

Check out our awesome photo booths and contact us for more details! Call 256-638-3535!



Why You Need A Professional Wedding DJ

By Brian Anderson | January 17, 2021

You may not think it right now, but Professional Wedding DJ Entertainment is the biggest part of your wedding. We contribute 100% to the success of your celebration! Your choice of entertainment will make or break your celebration! Your guests aren’t likely to remember your dress choice or how the food tasted; but they will remember having fun at your wedding.  You can’t have a successful wedding without the right entertainment for you and your guests. As a couple planning for your wedding entertainment, you should take special care to get it right. Here at Brian Anderson Entertainment, we take the entertainment of you and your guests at your wedding seriously.

The following 2 moments are some of the many key moments when you need entertainment at your wedding.

  • During The Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the most intimate part of your wedding day. You might want a traditional wedding march or more contemporary music entertainment to accompany you as you walk down the aisle. For your wedding ceremony, your entertainment choice should be personal and of high quality. No matter your song choices, we can customize every detail of your ceremony!

As a general rule you will probably want the following to be included:

  • For when guests are seated– 15-20 minutes of (Prelude) background music before the wedding ceremony
  • For the Seating of Mothers and Grandmothers
  • For the Wedding Procession – A song for the entrance of the bridesmaids bridal party
  • For the Bride’s Grand March Down The Aisle
  • For the Unity Candle / Sand Ceremony
  • For the Exchange of Rings or Vows
  • For the Recessional – After you’ve been pronounced husband and wife, a FUN song as bridal party walks out


  • Wedding Reception Entertainment

Your wedding reception is the time to dance and celebrate your new lives together. It is also another important time where you need wedding entertainment. Brian Anderson Entertainment offers great flexibility and a broad range of musical styles which will appeal to all ages. We can also take requests which will help make all your guests feel like they are part of the party. The result will be a full dance floor throughout the night. You’ll need music for the intro, first dance, parent dances, wedding party dance, line dances and all the other dances at your reception.

You’ll also need a great Master of Ceremonies! That’s where we come in! We will serve as your Reception Entertainment Director coordinating each element of your big day with your other key vendors and will announce every moment with polished professionalism from your grand entrance to the reception hall, your formal dances, cake cutting and more!

Brian Anderson Entertainment is based in Rainsville, Alabama serving Huntsville and ALL of North Alabama – Birmingham, Chattanooga and beyond. . We will exceed your expectations and make your wedding celebration everything you envision it to be and more! Contact us anytime! Call today! 256-638-3535.


How to Choose Your Wedding DJ

By Brian Anderson | January 14, 2021

Planning your wedding can be nerve-wracking. Anxiety could lead to confusion and vice versa. It is best to make a to-do list for your wedding, but mistakes are bound to happen even with that.


The goal is to reduce them and tackle them head-on by providing alternatives and plans B, C, or even D in hiring vendors. Trust is the most important thing here. We wrote another wedding blog a few years ago about it. Read it HERE.


You have to trust that they not only deliver but will do so on time and efficiently. Hiring a DJ can be tricky because you may assume that it is the easiest vendor to hire, but in reality, it isn’t. Here are a few things to keep in mind when securing a professional wedding DJ’s services in 2021!


  • Not Hiring Your DJ Early

Your DJ is the one who will perform at your wedding reception, and that means you need to book ahead instead of booking at the last minute to get the best of them!


Booking ahead also helps you do extensive research for which DJ will best fit your wedding style. Booking early also allows you to ask the DJ if you want to hire all the necessary questions and connect ahead of the wedding.


  • Hiring A DJ With Very Little To No Experience

Hiring a vendor with little to no experience is a very costly mistake you can’t afford to make. Why? Because your wedding ceremony could be a practice ground for him.


Instead of going home jolly and satisfied, you and your guests will go home with a single question: ‘What on earth was that?’


The simple reason is that your wedding ended up being underwhelming and under-satisfying the whole experience will be. Your dance floor is supposed to be full of fun, laughter, and merriment. Make sure you choose wisely.


  • Not Asking the Necessary Questions

Questions such as ‘Will you be the one performing at my wedding?’ ‘Do you take song requests?’ ‘What is the quality of sound and lighting equipment you will be using?’ and ‘Do you have back up?’ are some of the most critical questions you need to ask your DJ before hiring them. Also, do you own your own music? Many DJs these days use counterfeit illegally downloaded low quality music that sounds like an AM radio! Do they stream music from the internet or require Wi-Fi? If they say YES, RUN! Most importantly, is your DJ insured? DJ Brian will gladly show proof of liability insurance which protects not only him, but you and your venue, as well!


  • Hiring the Cheapest DJ because of Cost

While it is understandable that you are on a budget, going for the cheapest DJ available regardless of his or her limited experience is not the best idea.


Make sure that you don’t let desperation make you choose wrongly. Please do your research and ask for videos of their works before hiring them.


Contact Brian Anderson Entertainment for your DJ services. Call anytime 256-638-3535. We never fail to deliver! When quality entertainment counts, count on us!

Tips for Choosing a Last Dance Song at Your Wedding Celebration

By Brian Anderson | January 13, 2021

All the hard work that you’ve done for your wedding day culminates in one moment: The last dance. It will be such an emotional moment, and we at Brian Anderson Entertainment think that the best way is to end it on a high note.

To do that, you can’t just use just any song; you need a fantastic last song. In light of that, here are some tips from us on how to choose a tremendous last song for your wedding.


  • Go Out with A Bang

Your last song on the day of your wedding should reflect your excitement to start your new life as a married couple. The moment doesn’t have to include fireworks, but a song with a fun lighters-in-the-air vibe is a must.

  • Involve Your Guests

A song that gets everyone on their feet and singing along is a great one to end your wedding with. A wedding is about uniting two families, after all. What better way is there to signify this than by doing your last dance together?

  • Choose Something Meaningful

A last dance song that is meaningful to you and your partner is a nice touch to such an emotional moment. An inside song that just you and your partner know is probably not so good for this moment because you want to involve your guests in it too.

  • No to Sad Songs

If you’ve had a fun night and you end it with a slow, sad song, that could end up being the vibe that your guests remember about your wedding. Keeping it light and fun is a better way to cap things off. Especially if that’s the theme, you’ve gone with the whole day and want your guests to remember.

  • Choose A Catchy Song

Picture your guests on their way home humming the song that you used as your last dance . It’s a sure way for them to feel good about attending. They’ll also remember this song whenever they think about your wedding and keep feeling good about the experience.

Not only do you need a fantastic song for your last dance, you also need the right DJ to play it for you.


That’s where we at Brian Anderson Entertainment come in. We are the talented and top-notch addition that you need at your wedding. We’re located in Rainsville, AL and serve all of North Alabama – Huntsville, Decatur, Cullman, Birmingham, Gadsden, Anniston, Guntersville, Fort Payne, Scottsboro,  Chattanooga and beyond!


PS: DJ Brian’s favorite last dance song is “Last Dance” by Donna Summer!  Its romantic in the beginning and then builds up energy and excitement.  Ask for the long version! 😉


Contact us anytime! Call today to discuss your dream wedding! 256-638-3535.

Great Ways to Get Your Wedding Celebration Started

By Brian Anderson | January 11, 2021

We can’t wait for you to get married to the love of your life! Wedding ceremonies are great to attend, and we love to listen to the vows. Watching you both feel relieved at the end and get ready for the celebration at your reception is also the best. So how do you plan on showing up? If you haven’t decided on that yet, don’t panic. Any one of these ideas from us at Brian Anderson Entertainment would help you do just that.

  • Enter with Music

If you’re not all about that flashy life but still want to make an entrance, why not ask DJ Brian to play a song that is meaningful to your relationship to usher you in. You can then walk in hand-in-hand with your new spouse.

  • Go Dancing In

If you’re energetic and love to dance, choreograph a dance with your spouse to be as you step into your reception. It can be a dance you’ve practiced before, or it can be impromptu. But one thing is sure; if the melody is upbeat, you’ll have your wedding crowd up and excited with you when you enter your reception celebration.

  • Add Flair to Your Arrival

Do not be afraid to experiment with different transportation options where arriving at your reception is concerned. Some of the many ones we’ve seen include: arriving in a horse-drawn carriage, on horseback, a tractor, coming in on a boat, arriving by motorcycle, arriving by limousine or coming in with a vintage car.

  • Have a Light Display

Plan a show-stopping display of lights for your entrance. Use our dazzling lights, we have lots of them, plus our LED colored vertical fog geysers. The result: An opening to remember!

  • Do A Reverse Send-Off

A reverse send-off is when guests gather with sparklers and create a tunnel to welcome the couple into the reception instead of seeing them out. If your reception is indoors, your guests can use glow sticks instead.


Whichever of the above that you choose to do, one thing is sure, you need a fun DJ to pull off a fantastic time at your reception. Speaking of fun DJs, that’s just what we do here at Brian Anderson Entertainment; provide amazing DJ entertainment for your wedding. We’re based in North Alabama serving Huntsville, Decatur, Athens, The Shoals, Guntersville, Scottsboro, Fort Payne, Albertville, Gadsden, Anniston – Birmingham, Chattanooga and beyond!


Contact us today to begin planning your dream wedding celebration! Call now 256-638-3535.

Is a wedding worth the money?

By Brian Anderson | January 11, 2021

Is a wedding worth the money?The average price of a wedding ranges from $17,216 in Alabama to $37,827 in Hawaii. That’s a chunk of change! It raises the question: is a wedding worth the money?

The answer is YES … and no

Let’s face it, we live to celebrate. Celebrations define our human condition. We need celebrations to bring meaning to our lives. We celebrate birthdays to remind us of the value of each of us.

We celebrate wedding anniversaries to not only honor the union of two lives lived as one, but to encourage the rest of us to emulate the example set by good marriages.

We celebrate Thanksgiving as an act of gratitude for our bounty.

We celebrate Christmas to recognize the birth of the Child Jesus who came to save us.

Think about how much of our lives are spent working and sleeping. Life takes on additional meaning when we take a break from our toils to embrace achievement, milestones, and sacred dates with our families and friends. Nothing rejuvenates us like a good celebration!

Celebrations bring us joy

Even more, celebratory gatherings bring us joy, as the entire concept of a celebration is predicated upon sharing good things with each other. Ultimately, true happiness is all about giving, not taking, and celebrations are a collective act of giving.

Perhaps the ultimate act of celebration is the union of two lives as one: a wedding. Weddings make communities better because they recognize  that a marriage is built upon trust, self-giving, stability, and commitment, qualities that positively affect us all.

If you won’t celebrate a wedding, then you are depriving yourself of one of the great joys of living.

So is a wedding worth the money? Absolutely yes. But let’s qualify this response. You need to live within your budget. Don’t overspend. Focus on the elements surveys repeatedly tell us couples value the most: the memories and the fun.

Don’t lay down deposits with wedding vendors if you’re not certain about this whole marriage thing. Marriage is a commitment. Don’t commit to a vendor if you’re not sure you can commit to your partner.

But when you are ready to commit, DJ Brian Anderson will commit all of our talent and professional experience to ensuring your wedding is worth the money! Here’s a simple way to start: check to see if we’re available.

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How to Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding Reception

By Brian Anderson | January 5, 2021

There are several aspects of your wedding day that needs to be properly planned and one of them is entertainment. Music, when rightly selected, defines the mood and tone of the event.

You have to know what music to play, where to play it, and when to play it. We have that skill and are here to help guide you through the process of selecting the right music for your wedding.

  • Start by Remembering the Good Times

In choosing songs for your wedding day, it is important that you and your fiancé factor in the good old times. These times are those that form the build-up to your wedding. Find out the music options that best reflect these times.

It could be a music that you heard on your first date or while on a vacation. It could also be a piece of music that holds memories of both of you while you were still dating. Remembering the good old times and selecting music that portrays these times helps to create a romantic feel everyone will relate too.


  • Then, Think of Your Guests

Other than you and your spouse, you have to think of the guests that will be in attendance too. Considering that these guests will all come from different walks of likes, you have to consider their age range, background, and personalities when selecting a song. You definitely will not want to play songs that your guests cannot totally relate to. DJ Brian wants to please you, your parents and grandparents, your senior age as well as your younger guests.

With our years of experience and vast music knowledge, we know the songs that will please your guests and keep a packed dance floor! We feature ALL the latest hits and the greatest classics of all time in all genres!


  • Be Ready to Make Compromises

Your big day is a comprehensive one with several aspects. This means there is a lot of time to play several songs. There is your ceremony, cocktail and dinner hour at the reception, your first dance as husband and wife, parent dances, and most importantly, the celebration time of open dancing – you can trust us to provide dance floor filling crowd pleasing entertainment.  It is however possible that songs you may like, your fiancé may not like them. This happens, and to make it through this, you and your partner should be willing to make healthy compromises. In our online planning system that every couple has access to via our website, you and your fiancé can create must play and even do not play lists of requests you want at your reception.


Here at Brian Anderson Entertainment, the success of your wedding celebration is our top priority. Brian is a professional DJ with several years of experience. He knows just what you need to create the best entertainment at your event and he works tirelessly to provide you with that. To discuss your music and wedding dreams, contact us now! Call anytime! 256-638-3535

Reasons Why You Should Hire Experienced Vendors for Your Wedding

By Brian Anderson | January 4, 2021

These days, more couples are searching for the lowest priced wedding services and vendors that ” won’t break the bank” or cost “an arm and a leg”. With their many years of experience in the wedding industry, vendors price themselves in accordance with what it costs them to do business and earn a livable wage (most wedding vendors are full-time).

One of the things important to us here at Brian Anderson Entertainment is your happiness as a couple and the happiness of the guests at your wedding too. We’ve been entertaining weddings for quite a while now and have everything that you’ll need to make your day unforgettable.

We’ve also taken it upon ourselves, to give tips that will go a long way towards ensuring that you have a successful and beautiful wedding. In this post, we’ll be explaining one such tip, which is, going for and using experienced vendors. Why should you use experienced vendors for your wedding? Read on to find out.

  • They’ll Know What You Mean

Have you ever been in a situation where you know what you want, but can’t seem to find the exact way to put or describe it? Not every couple has a picture of their dream wedding down on paper. An experienced vendor who has worked on many weddings will be able to tell you exactly what you need to achieve the wedding you have in mind and help you build the general picture.

  • Less Likely to Make Mistakes

The more experienced you are when it comes to a job, the less likely you are to make mistakes at it. It’s the same with wedding vendors. An experienced vendor remembers what works and what doesn’t so they’ll be doing only what works when it comes to your wedding.

  • They’ll Save You Costs

An experienced vendor comes with a repertoire of supplier relationships that they’ve built over the years. This means they’ll be able to offer you discounts where possible that will lead to an overall reduced cost for you.

  • They Can Handle Emergencies

When you handle weddings constantly and for a while, it’s easy to know what to do when certain unexpected things pop up. This is part of why you should go for an experienced vendor. They won’t panic and most times would have solved the problem before it would get to your notice.


Here at Brian Anderson Entertainment, we are experienced DJs that you’ll need to make your wedding celebration a success. We are located in Rainsville, Alabama and serve Huntsville, Birmingham, and all of North Alabama, to Chattanooga and East Tennessee and Rome, Metro Atlanta and Northwest Georgia. We would love to hear from you and discuss your your wedding dreams. Give us a call today! 256-638-3535