Read this great wedding toast script. This is how it is done!

March 20, 2017


wedding toast scriptLet’s be honest…

A lot of people clench up when they have to make a toast. We’ve created a nice wedding toast script to take the heat off.

Wedding receptions can be especially stressful because the best man and maid of honor often put too much pressure on themselves.  They overcompensate by having an extra drink or two and … well, you know how that can go:  downhill fast.

We can help.

We’ve created a nice wedding toast script.

Obviously, your toasters aren’t going to use this word for word.  But it’ll help them get started.

It’ll channel them in the right direct using the guidelines we wrote about in last week’s blogpost [“How to avoid wedding toast disasters.”]

Ultimately, it takes the heat off since this script lays down some nice parameters for them.  Remember:  the point of this wedding toast script is simply to help them get started.  It is their personal experience with you, and the way that they convey it, that ultimately makes the difference.

Read this wedding toast script and let me know what you think:


“I am truly honored to toast the marriage of [Bride’s Name] and [Groom’s Name].

I’ve never been one to pay any attention to people who claim that they can predict the future.  But guess what, I’m going to predict the future:  I see a happy, fulfilling married life stretching out before you two, and I could not be happier.

Looking out at this great group of your family and friends who’ve come to witness this watershed event, I can see that they agree with me.

The truth is, I don’t need a crystal ball to know that good things await you in your married life, because I know [Groom’s Name].

[Provide personal anecdote]: 

We met when we were in college.  We had nothing in common.  I’m short, he’s tall.  I’m a Packer’s fan; he’s a Cowboys fan.  I’m really good looking.  And he’s … well, he’s even better looking!

But we both had this thing for rock climbing.  I tell you what, if you want to get to know someone, go rock climbing with him.

I don’t know how many times we went out.  It’s a lot.  One time stood out.  We were walking on a precipice some twenty feet above a lake.  We heard some splashing in the water below.  Suddenly, some kid started screaming like I’ve never heard screaming before in my life.  His dog was in the water … and apparently drowning.

Now I thought that God had hard-wired the dog paddle into every dog ever born.  But this one must have been a mutant, because it was going down for the last count.

Before I could even fully process the situation, [Groom’s Name] made a mighty leap into the lake below.  I’ve got to admit, I couldn’t have done it.  But he did.  Within seconds, he had the scared pup in his arms and back onto dry land in minutes.

You should’ve seen that kid’s face.  I’ll never forget it.  I’ll never forget what you did that day.

[Bring bride into the toast]: 

Now, imagine what a guy like that would do for a friend.  Even more, imagine what a man like that would do for the woman he loves.

I can attest to the fact, [Bride’s Name], that [Groom’s Name] loves you more than anything … or anyone he’s ever loved in his life.

When he spoke that line in the vows about loving you even in ‘sickness and in health, in good times and in bad,’ well he meant it.

And since I’ve gotten to know you and discover what an incredibly wonderful person you are too, [Bride’s Name], I know you meant those vows every bit as much as [Groom’s Name].  You are a beautiful person on the outside, but even more importantly, on the inside.

Some people would say that it’s destiny that brought you together.  Well, I would suggest God had something to do with it.  Yes, I maintain that the creator of the universe surely pulled some strings to bring you two together, because you are so right for each other.

[Close by telling the audience specifically what they’re supposed to do]:

On this day of celebration, I ask each of you to raise your glass and join me in paying tribute to Mr. and Mrs. [Couple’s Last Name].”

To reiterate, you can’t use this wedding toast script exactly as written. Come up with your own anecdote. Make it warm. Use it to highlight the class, the integrity, and the character of the subject of your toast.

Alabama wedding parties in Huntsville, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Gadsden, Anniston, Decatur, Cullman, Scottsboro, Fort Payne, Guntersville,  Albertville, Boaz and all areas in between should share this script with their best men and maids of honor.

Good luck, and cheers!

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Timeless love songs CREATE love

By tom quiner | July 27, 2020

Couples planning their wedding celebration spend a fair amount of time determining their first dance song. For some couples, it’s obvious. That special song was a part of their journey from the start of their relationship. For others, the song they select for their first dance becomes “their song.” So let’s look at the art of timeless love songs.

Ted Gioia is a music historian and author of “Love Songs: The Hidden History,” who says that:

“People are wrong to view these songs as mere entertainment or escapism. The purpose of a successful love song is to create love. The first love songs were part of fertility rites and they aimed at changing the world, not just describing it. When the Beatles sang ‘All You Need Is Love’ (below) or John Coltrane performed A Love Supreme, they wanted to transform the world in which they lived. And on a personal level, many of us would not be here today if our parents hadn’t heard a love song at the right time and place. Those love songs aren’t just life-changing, they are life-creating.”

Words and music must work together

Timeless love songs certainly need a good melody and great lyrics. Even more, the words and music have to work together as a unit to connect with the listener on a deep, emotional level. That emotional level may even be painful, as Grammy award-winner, Gillian Welch explains:

“A very important ingredient in a love song is pain. Because even when love is good and true, there’s part of it that’s painful.”

Take the last song written by legendary American composer, George Gershwin, “Our Love is Here to Stay,” as sung below by Tony Bennet and Diana Krall:

Gershwin died unexpectedly at the age of thirty-eight. His writing partner, Ira, added the text after his brother’s death with poignant lyrics that catapults the song into the status of a timeless love song still sung eight decades later:

“In time the Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble,

They’re only made of clay.

But … our love is here to stay.”

Longing is a common theme

You can see that longing is a common theme in a love song, and that longing can be a source of pain, as Taylor Swift conveys in her hit song, “You Belong With Me:”

“If you could see that I’m the one who understands you,

Been here all along, so why can’t you see,

You belong with me,

You belong with me.”

Timeless love songs are really simple

So what makes a love song great? Another Grammy-winning songwriter, Diane Warren, says it’s simple:

”What makes a love song great is what makes any song great — you have to feel it. The best love songs are something that someone hears and it instantly becomes theirs. Listeners might have their own unique experience of why a certain song means something to them, but if it’s meaningful enough it becomes a part of their own personal soundtrack. In a way, a love song is a canvas that you paint yourself onto, and when a truly great love song comes along, everybody feels they can paint themselves onto it. It becomes a part of everybody’s inner life.”

Timeless love songs transcend the artist

Take Gershwin’s “Our Love is Here to Stay” mentioned above. It has been covered by hundreds of artists. The beauty of using a professional wedding DJ like DJ Brian Anderson is I can play the version you like best. Maybe you’d prefer the way Harry Connick Jr. sings it:

And to make these timeless love songs even better, we’ll bathe your venue in breathtaking decor lighting to create the perfect mood at the right time.

As the historian above put it, timeless love songs create love. Once you exchange your vows, your celebration builds to a climax with your first dance as a couple. Let DJ Brian Anderson play your favorite love song. Check out our availability today.

Don’t make this wedding spending mistake

By tom quiner | July 20, 2020

wedding spending mistakeTalk to couples after their weddings and they’ll tell you that they often made wedding spending mistakes. Zola conducted a survey of these couples and found they overspent in five common areas: flowers/decor; hair/make-up; catering; wedding day attire; and invitations.

That doesn’t mean these five areas aren’t important. They are important. DJ Brian Anderson makes no judgement on these critical services. However, recently married couples do, according to Zola.

By the same token, in the same survey some couples wished that they had spent more on videography, photography, wedding planning, flowers/decor; and entertainment.

You’ll note that flowers/decor showed up on both lists. You can see the challenge of finding the right budgetary balance between critical services.

In this Covid-19 era, the simplest solution is to simply moderate the size of the guest list, which automatically saves budget on catering and invitations, freeing up budget for entertainment.

Couples realize that entertainment makes the event in hindsight. And yet they often book it after having already committed too much of their budget to these other services, a major wedding spending mistake.

Learn from these recently married couples and don’t scrimp on key entertainment services, such as the DJ, photo booth, and decor lighting.

Are you working on your wedding budget? Get the budget numbers you need for these key entertainment services from DJ Brian Anderson today.

The 5th most common wedding planning mistake

By tom quiner | July 13, 2020

wedding planning compiled a list of 50 mistakes brides always make. The fifth most common wedding planning mistake is ruling out the use of a wedding planner altogether.

If you’ve spent much time looking through wedding planning guides, you quickly see that couples have well-over one thousand decisions to make to plan a sprawling event like a wedding.

Each decision takes time and can cause stress.

The magnitude of such an undertaking demands organizational skills, discipline, and clear-thinking. Even a seasoned CPA can find such an undertaking daunting!

That’s why encourages couples to consider the use of a wedding planner, even if it’s only for a day or week. Some readers have also heard of wedding ‘coordinators’ and wonder what is the difference between that and a wedding ‘planner’.

Wedding planners execute your vision. They have cultivated relationships with reliable wedding professionals and will negotiate contracts for you. They help with logistics and budgeting. Some even offer design services.

By contrast, a wedding coordinator comes later in the process and helps to execute your logistics. They are hands-on the day of your wedding, coordinating with vendors and handling critical details so you’re liberated to simply enjoy your wedding day.

Wedding coordinators are perfect if you want to handle the front-end planning yourself, but not the crushing last-minute details of your wedding day. Some couples employ their services the entire week leading up to the wedding day. says couples use a wedding coordinator for up to 25 hours, compared to 80 to 250 hours for a wedding planner.

Which is right for you?

Not all couples have a big enough budget for either. If that’s the case, you’ll love our online planning tools for clients which help simplify your planning process and help you avoid a wedding planning mistake.

Even more, DJ Brian Anderson coordinates details with your vendors on the day of your wedding to be sure everyone operates on the same timeline at your wedding reception.

Toasting, cake-cutting, and dancing will flow like clockwork. Learn more without obligation. Don’t forget, we always love questions. Call us with yours: 256-638-3535.

The best wedding toast ever?

By tom quiner | July 6, 2020

YouTube bursts with self-proclaimed ‘best wedding toast ever’ videos. Few are. Most are bloated, meandering wrecks. One of our own favorites was but 65 seconds long. However, it would be pretty hard to top Lin-Manuel Miranda’s.

Mr. Miranda is the composer and star of the epic Broadway musicals, “Hamilton  and “In the Heights.” Yet on a recent talk show, he said that he may, in fact, be best known for his wedding toast. It has been viewed nearly 7 million times on YouTube!

best wedding toastYou can watch the fun unfold in the video above. His father-in-law sets the stage by inviting his talented son-in-law to join him in the spotlight where they break into song. What song? None other than the jubilant “To Life” from “Fiddler on the Roof.”

The lyrics capture the essence of the human experience:

To life, to life, l’chaim.

L’chaim, l’chaim, to life.

Life has a way of confusing us,

Blessing and bruising us.

Drink, l’chaim, to life!

God would like us to be joyful,

Even when our hearts lie panting on the floor.

But how much more can we be joyful

When there’s really something to be joyful for?

To life, to life, l’chaim.

Let’s be honest, though. Most of us aren’t Broadway super stars. Most of us can’t perform a tightly choreographed song and dance. Good news: you don’t have to!

Have you read these previous blogposts?

A crisp three minute toast can be a work of art, too. How do you give a good one? Take a few minutes to read some of our previous blogposts on different approaches you can take:

What is the perfect length of a wedding toast?

Make ‘em cry and you’ve given a great wedding toast!

How to give a one minute wedding toast (and why you should!)

Best wedding jokes for the best man’s toast

Read this great wedding toast script. This is how it is done!

Simply remember that your wedding day is the most joyful day of your life. DJ Brian Anderson provides the custom entertainment options to meet and exceed your expectations while enhancing the joyousness.

The best wedding toast simply recognizes the beauty of love and the magic of the moment.

To life!

The champagne wedding toast is the second top food trend

By tom quiner | June 29, 2020

joint wedding toast

The Knot surveyed wedding couples and learned that having a champagne wedding toast was the second top food trend at weddings, followed by a dessert bar, and late night snacks. Only the timeless wedding cake topped it.

Legend has it that this tradition traces back to Shakespearian England days. Guests would dunk stale toast into wine to soften its acidity. Ultimately, the word ‘toast’ was transferred from a piece of bread to the person being toasted, who became the “toast of the town.”

Martha Stewart says you can save money on the Champagne wedding toast

Technically, champagne comes from only one place:  the Champagne region of France, as Martha Stewart Weddings explains:

“The crisp drink, whose name refers only to the varietal made in the Champagne region of France, was first produced in the 17th century with the same in-bottle fermentation process that’s used today. And because supply is so limited, it’s costly.”

To save money, Martha suggests less costly American sparkling wines, such as:

1. Ombra Prosecco. “With its fruity bouquet, this one is amazing in a Bellini,” says Marco Pasanella, owner of New York City wine shop Pasanella & Son. ($14,

2. Bisson Prosecco. “It’s on the expensive side for Prosecco, but it’s super elegant and bone dry, and the label just looks really cool,” Pasanella says. ($20,

3. Lamberti Prosecco. “Not only is this a good value, but its attractive light-golden color is nice to look at. It’s full of bright flavor,” says Krafchin. ($14,

Here’s how to make the ‘champagne’ wedding toast even simpler

However, if you really want to make your celebration simple (and more affordable), you can do what celebrity event planner, Mindy Weiss suggests:

“I rarely have a champagne toast as part of the wedding day. Instead, we have a toast where the guests raise the glass of what they are already drinking. [The champagne itself] is never mentioned or missed. I love that there is the tradition of a toast, but I don’t think that it has to be with champagne. And opting out of passing champagne does save money in the budget.” 

Whether you’re toasting with Champagne, a sparkling wine, cabernet, or pinot, Weiss suggests that …

“All glasses should be filled before the toast begins.”

You are about to become the ‘toast of the town.’ DJ Brian Anderson wishes you congratulations on your upcoming Alabama wedding celebration!

Don’t mistreat single friends at your wedding

By tom quiner | June 22, 2020

don't mistreat your single friendsRita and Ruby didn’t know each other. The only thing they had in common was their common friend, Ramona, who invited them to attend her wedding. Ramona made a tactical error and seated them together at the ‘singles table.’ Bad move, according to Brides Magazine: don’t mistreat single friends at on your wedding day.

Brides Magazine encourages sensitive couples to create a seating chart  that seats people according to shared interests rather than marital status. It’s a common mistake, but a mistake indeed, to throw all single people together at one table, says Brides.

Besides, Rita is 65 and Ruby is 25. They don’t have much in common.

Rita enjoys Sinatra music while Ruby is a Lady Gaga fan.

Rita’s hearing isn’t as sharp as it used to be while Ruby’s is perfect. So when the music kicked in, Rita couldn’t hear any of the conversations at her table over the music. She really felt isolated and couldn’t wait to leave. This is another common mistake made by most couples planning their wedding, according to Brides: “you forget about the volume of the music.”

You need controlled, clear sound

This is where DJ Brian Anderson comes in. Our equipment is just plain better. Here’s the key: the sound is crystal clear, but the volume is controlled so people can still talk. You’ve probably been to weddings before where a DJ or a friend of the groom sets up equipment and blasts out muddy sounding music. Ouch!

It doesn’t have to be that way, and it won’t be that way with us. The Rita’s of the world can actually enjoy the music without having their conversations being drowned out.

And with us, we can customize the entertainment so there’s something for everybody. For example, if Rita likes Sinatra and Ruby likes Lady Gaga, we can split the difference with a song like this!

Photo booth makes your event even better

To sweeten the fun even more, we offer photo booth which gets everybody out of their seats. When they’re not dancing, they’re in the photo booth. What a great way to involve your single guests in the fun by connecting them with people with whom they have shared interests. Watch them end up in the photo booth getting their pic taken together to remember a fabulously fun event.

Listen to Brides Magazine: don’t mistreat your single guests, and don’t forget about the volume of your music.

With DJ Brian Anderson, you’ll enjoy controlled, beautiful sound, professional MCing, and photo booth. Learn more without obligation today!

“I don’t want to miss a thing”

By Brian Anderson | June 15, 2020

I don't want to miss a thingAs we wrote last week, Brides Magazine published interesting poll results of favorite wedding first dance songs by generation. A couple of these first dance songs crossed over two generations. One of them was “I don’t want to miss a thing,” which made the top three for both Millennials and Generation X.

The song has an interesting history. You may know it as a huge hit song by Aerosmith, but did you know it was actually written by Diane Warren for the movie, “Armageddon”? Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler sang the lead vocals while his daughter, Liv Tyler (above), was one of the stars of the movie.

Here’s the official music video featuring clips from the movie:

The song features great lyrics for your first dance song:

Don’t want to close my eyes

I don’t want to fall asleep

‘Cause I’d miss you, babe

And I don’t want to miss a thing

‘Cause even when I dream of you

The sweetest dream will never do

I’d still miss you, babe

And I don’t want to miss a thing.

DJ Brian Anderson can play a number of creative versions of this great song. For example, Boyce Avenue and Jennel Garcia collaborated on this tender cover:

On the other hand, perhaps you’d prefer a swinging cover featuring a brass band sung by Sara Anne Niemietz:

Pretty awesome, don’t you think!

Ultimately, this is why DJ Brian Anderson is such an attractive preference for discriminating Alabama couples planning their wedding celebration. These couples want a customized experience and an entertainment company with the flexibility to give them exactly what they want.

Yes, that’s what you get with us. We’ll customize the music, beginning with your first dance song, and play it on cutting edge equipment with clear, controlled sound.

You’ll love how we’ll customize the lighting to create the ambience that defines your style.

And you’ll love our creative entertainment options, like Photo Booth, which take your affair to the next level.

The great song, “I don’t want to miss a thing,” truly defines the way you’re going to feel at your wedding celebration when we provide the entertainment. You’ll experience non-stop fun and impeccable timing from the first minute to the last. You really won’t want to miss a thing!

Favorite first dance songs by generation

By tom quiner | June 8, 2020

Favorite first dance songs by generationBrides Magazine put an interesting list together of favorite first dance songs by generation. What is interesting about the list is that one song, “Unchained Melody,” was a favorite with two generations. Another, “At Last,” made the top three with two different generations.

Here are the lists:


  • “All of Me,” by John Legend
  • “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” by Aerosmith
  • “Amazed,” by Lonestar

Generation X

  • “Unchained Melody,” by The Righteous Brothers
  • “At Last,” by Etta James
  • “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” by Aerosmith

Baby Boomers

  • “Unchained Melody,” by The Righteous Brothers
  • “The Way You Look Tonight,” by Frank Sinatra
  • “At Last,” by Etta James

This blog has looked at a number of these songs in the past, but not “Unchained Melody.” This monster hit has been recorded over 1500 times by some of the greatest singers of all time.

Alex North wrote the music back in 1955 for a little-know movie called “Unchained,” and Hy Zaret added the lyrics. The Righteous Brother’s 1965 cover of the song became the ‘jukebox standard’ for this song. Their version gained new life when it was featured in the 1990 hit movie, “Ghost:”

Freddie Mercury unleashed his own dramatic cover of the song:

For a more classical take on the song, listen to British Got Talent star, Jonathan Antoine sing it:

One of the last songs Elvis Presley ever sang in public was Unchained Melody, which took place in Rapid City, SD, on June 21st, 1977.

As you plan your wedding, DJ Brian Anderson knows how to unchain the fun and create a wedding celebration for the ages. We can play your favorite first dance song, no matter the generation. Check us out right now without obligation.

Classical music songs for your first dance

By tom quiner | June 1, 2020

Classical music songs for your first danceAre you open to a wide range of music? If yes, you might want to consider a classical music song for your first dance at your Alabama wedding celebration.

Many couples use a classical music composition for their wedding ceremony, as we have blogged on in the past. But practically none consider the power of classical music for their first dance at the wedding reception. If you’re the type of couple that likes to think outside the box, you may want to consider one of the classics that follow.

The difference between popular and classical music

First, let’s take a quick look at the differences between popular and classical music. One difference in favor of popular music is the sophistication of the rhythms of the songs. Drums play a bigger role. Bass and snare drums overlay hi-hat cymbals to create foot-tapping, danceable music.

Even more, popular songs are written to be sung, offering lyrics meaningful to your love story. Unless you’re considering an opera aria, most classical songs you consider are instrumental only. And popular songs are short in contrast to longer form classical music.

Classical music unleashes the full potential of an orchestra

Classical music compensates with more sophisticated melodies and harmonic structures. Most popular songs use four chords. A song like Bruno Mars’ “Count on Me” uses six. On the other hand, Bach used dozens of chords in ingenious combinations. And of course, classical music offers the full firepower of a symphony orchestra to create a more emotive musical experience for your first dance.

For example, I’m sure you’re familiar with “Tales from the Vienna Woods” by the waltz king himself, Johann Strauss, you just don’t know it. It was composed in 1868. Watch this very fun performance of this timeless waltz:

If you cut to the 4:13 mark, the main melody, the one you know, kicks in. DJ Brian Anderson can cue the music to any point in the song you’d like if you want a shorter dance.

If you’d like a quick tutorial on how to dance to a waltz, here’s one that shows how easy it is:

On the other hand, if you’re a couple that really knows your way around the dance floor, perhaps you’ll want to consider the 1925 tango, “Joulousie ‘Tango Tzigane’,” composed by the Danish composer Jacob Glade:

This piece demonstrates how classical music can seethe with passion!

Relax. If the tango is a little too daunting for you, let us return to the waltz. One of the most famous is The Blue Danube Waltz, composed in  1866 by Johann Strauss II:

If you don’t like the long intro, we can cut right to the chase at about the 1:54 mark where the gorgeous main theme begins. Imagine a dance floor packed with your guests dancing the waltz! It’s not for everyone, but is it right for you?

Here’s another famous tango

Be honest, I bet you can’t get that tango out of your mind. Well, here’s a very famous tango from the classical music songbook that provides the foundation for confident dancers to cut loose. This song is titled, L’amour est un oiseau rebelle,” from Georges Bizet’s 1875 opera, “Carmen”:

If you’d like to dance  to this aria using a sensuous tango leg wrap, here’s how to do it:

Let’s conclude with one of the most romantic classical melodies you’ve ever heard, Sergio Rachmaninov’s Variations on a Theme by Paganini 18. Whew! What a boring title for such a lovely piece of music. The piece premiered in 1934 and has been used in movies and televisions shows ever since. What a perfect song to dance to for your first dance. Take a listen:

Let’s face it, classic musical isn’t for everyone…

But if you want it, DJ Brian Anderson can provide it, played on state-of-the-art equipment that would have dazzled Rachmaninov himself! Wait ’til you see how we can light the dance floor and your venue! Our decor lighting will complement the music and the mood to create wedding magic.

Make your wedding celebration a classic. Check on available dates and affordable package pricing today. Or save time and pick up the phone and call without obligation: 256-638-3535. We love questions!