A wedding’s secret weapon

wedding's secret weapon

DJ Brian Anderson

Weddings have an amazing number of moving parts. Food, flowers, photography, cake-cutting, toasts, intros, exits, first dances, father/daughter dances, mother/son dances, announcements, entertainment. Whew! That’s a lot! So what is a wedding’s secret weapon? Us.

You need a quarterback!

Your event needs someone to quarterback the action. That’s where we come in. As an Alabama DJ event company that specializes in weddings, we are far more than DJs. We are MCs … and quarterbacks! When your team is on the field, we keep everyone moving in the right direction with the precision of a Tom Brady so each play comes off with finesse.

Shockingly good equipment

wedding lights

Decor lighting upgrades the look of your venue

Yes, we’ll play your favorite music on shockingly good equipment that fills your venue with clear, pure music. Yes, we will keep your dance floor packed by creating an atmosphere of delirious fun. Yes, we’ll upgrade the entire visual impact of your venue with artistic lighting design.

And, yes, for good measure, we’ll double the fun by bringing photo booth, a guarantee that the last place your guests will want to spend their time is in their seat!

Coordination is the key

All of that is wonderful. But what makes all the difference when you go with DJ Brian Anderson is the professional flair with which we coordinate the rest of the ‘team.’ Announcements are made at exactly the right time in coordination with the caterer and the venue’s staff.

A wedding’s secret weapon

Photo booth doubles the fun

We know the top photographers and videographers and work seamlessly with them to not only make their job easier, but their finished product better.

Weddings require teamwork. We’re team players that make it easier for your vendors to work together to make your wedding reception perfect.

We’re getting booked up

So, what is an Alabama wedding’s secret weapon? DJ Brian Anderson. We’re getting busy again. Check out our availability right now to see if we can make your date work. Thank-you, and congratulations on your upcoming celebration!