Pros and cons of marriage vs. cohabitation

Pros and cons of marriage vs. cohabitationIs your relationship getting serious? Perhaps it’s time for you to consider the pros and cons of marriage vs. cohabitation.

It’s really pretty simple: the pro of cohabitation is less commitment while in marriage it’s more commitment. And commitment is the glue to long-lasting relationships. It defines true love, which is truly a choice.

Many young couples wax eloquent about being in love. It’s a beautiful feeling, but it IS a feeling at first. And feelings don’t last. True love is a decision to weather the storms of a relationship when feelings wane. Marriage honors and reinforces the commitment legally, spiritually, and emotionally.

Here’s what the science reveals:

If you want your relationship to last, you’ll get married. International relationship expert and mediator, Debra Macleod, explains in a piece published in the Huffington Post:

“When I do work with cohabiting couples, I have found that cohabiting men in particular tend to be far less motivated to work on the relationship than married men are. That’s a little tidbit that women should know.”

She cites research reported in Psychology Today on the subject:

“As a major shortcoming, live-together relationships lack durability. About half split up in less than five years. One reason is the lack [of] commitment. Without commitment, couples that live together feel more at risk. They can’t be as dependent on each other emotionally and socially as they would like, and they can’t afford to have their personal identities tied up in each other as do married couples. Because their relationships are tentative, it’s harder for partners to establish trust and intimacy, and that inhibits their ability to communicate openly. The net result is to make it more difficult for them to resolve conflicts.”

As we’ve written in previous blogposts, married couples are wealthier, healthier, and have happier families and children than their co-habitating counterparts.

So when considering the pros and cons of marriage vs. cohabitation, marriage has a major edge.

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