Bad song lyrics for your wedding day

Bad song lyrics for your wedding day

Sting sings bad song lyrics for your wedding day

Great songs have two components: great music and great lyrics. Which is more important on your wedding day? A writer with National Public Radio wrote a piece that put it this way:

“When judging a song based on first impressions, my primary concern is that 1) the music is done right; and 2) the words, whether in content or presentation, aren’t done wrong.”

That gets to the heart of determining bad song lyrics for your wedding day.

You don’t want them done wrong.

Of course, you don’t want the words sung poorly. That’s why two out three couples prefer a DJ over a band. You know what you’re getting with a DJ because we play the version of the song you like best. The vocal expression of the lyrics is exactly what you want. And you don’t have to worry about whether a local band has the talent to sing your favorite song well.

“Every Breath I Take”

Just as importantly: the words can’t be wrong. They have to convey the right message, because your wedding day is a big deal. For example, Sting’s monster hit, “Every breath I take,” is very danceable, but the words are all wrong for a wedding:

Every breath you take,
And every move you make,
Every step you take, I’ll be watching you.
Every single day and every word you say
Every game you play,
Every night you stay, I’ll be watching you.

Why are these bad song lyrics for your wedding day? They’re about a stalker. You don’t want these creepy words sung at your reception.

Robin Thicke has a danceable tune called, “Blurred Lines,” but the lyrics border on the obscene. Don’t expose grandma to such unsettling words on what is supposed to be a day of celebration.

“I Will Survive”

Gloria Gaynor had a Platinum record with her 1978 hit, “I will survive.” It’s been played endlessly at weddings ever since. And yet it features bad song lyrics for your wedding day, like these:

At first, I was afraid, I was petrified,
Kept thinking, I could never live without you by my side,
But then I spent so many nights thinking, how you did me wrong,
And I grew strong and I learned how to get along.

This is a break up song, not a wedding song. Yes, it’s got an incredibly danceable disco rhythm, but so do a lot of other songs with better messaging for your wedding celebration.

“Tears in Heaven”

Eric Clapton’s biggest selling single was “Tears in Heaven.” It would be a nice song to which to slow dance, except the song is about the death of his four year old son. Here’s a sample of the lyrics:

Would you know my name
If I saw you in heaven?
Would it be the same
If I saw you in heaven?

It’s a lovely song, but it has bad song lyrics for your wedding day.

The beauty of DJ Brian Anderson is we can play the favorite version of your favorite songs. To maximize the intensity of your wedding celebration, we encourage you to be diligent in screening the lyrics in the songs you request. Don’t worry, we will, too. That’s one more reason to check us out without obligation as you plan your big day.