Best The Weeknd love songs for weddings

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, aka ‘The Weeknd,’ performed the Halftime Show at yesterday’s Super Bowl. The Canadian Singer/Songwriter dazzled with the usual theatrics expected of a Super Bowl halftime. The question is, are The Weeknd love songs a good fit for your wedding first dance?

Super Bowl performance

First, let’s take a look at a recap of his Super Bowl performance:

We ran across a Reddit thread that discussed which songs by The Weeknd would actually work for a wedding:

“Okay this might be one of the weirder posts on here but I recently got engaged and have been starting to plan my wedding. I want to do a choreographed first dance with my husband to be, and I want a song that’s not super boring/everyone’s first dance song. I’m also a huge fan and think it could be cool to have my first dance to one of Abel’s songs. My Fiancé and I both really like Die For You but is that too morbid? I feel like most his other songs are too dark/not happy about being love haha.Has anyone else had their first dance to a song by him/ have any ideas?”

“Die for You”

Let’s take a listen to “Die for You”:

In marriage, it’s true that we die to ourselves as two become one, however The Weeknd’s lyrics on this song are a little over the top when he says:

I would die for you, I would lie for you
Keep it real with you,
I would kill for you, my baby
I’m just sayin’, yeah.

Are you sure you want homicide mentioned in your first dance song? Just askin’!

“As You Are”

Someone on the thread recommended “As You Are”:

You may be a little uncomfortable, though, with a few aspects of the lyrics, beginning with:

It’s just you and I,
Ooh, yeah
Just a phase in our little lie, year
We can sex all night
Ooh, woah
I see the want to in your eyes.

Some of your guests may be a little sensitive to such in-your-face bedroom talk. Worse, your relationship isn’t a lie, so you may not want a song that implies that it is.

“Blinding Lights”

Let’s face it, The Weeknd’s songs tend to be on the dark side. And perhaps this blog over analyzes the lyrics. So as you consider The Weeknd’s love songs for your wedding first dance, perhaps you can’t do better than his monster hit, “Blinding Lights”:

The lyrics tell a story of a young man who gets in trouble in Vegas. Although the saying goes,

“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,”

… The Weeknd admits to temptation and trouble. He tells his love that although he is “blinded by the lights,” he “can’t sleep until I feel your touch.”

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