Why a Professional DJ is Crucial for Your 2021 Wedding

Your wedding is getting closer, and you still haven’t figured out all the vendors you want to hire? If there is one thing you should not be confused about, you need a professional DJ for your 2021 wedding reception, and here’s why!


  • You Need A DJ You Can Trust

Your DJ is the most crucial vendor in your wedding. He needs to be someone reliable and trustworthy. Your choice of entertainment is the number one most important element of your big day!  Do you really want to risk the success of your wedding day by hiring the cheapest one?  A DJ with little to no experience has “just enough” experience to ruin your wedding. You can never redo your wedding!

A professional DJ is someone who knows what his job entails and how to deliver those services.

Because your wedding’s success largely depends on your guests’ satisfaction, you will need a DJ who is experienced and that can read the crowd and know what to play and when to play it to keep a packed dance floor and please all your guests of all ages from the senior adults to the younger generation!


  • Your Wedding is a Party; It Should Look Like It

What’s the point of having a wedding reception if your guests aren’t grooving on the dance floor. A professional DJ is a right person to make sure that happens. We will make it a party with the right mix of music and dazzling lighting to bathe your dance floor! Ask us about our up-lighting; our decor lighting transforms a room from ‘drab to fab’!

You can rest assured that we will make your wedding celebration as much of a party as a wedding can be. Its the most important celebration of your life and we know it! We will exceed your expectations!


  • Professional DJs Come With Professional Experience – Don’t Let a Friend Do It with Home Stereo Equipment or a Spotify Playlist

So much is at stake when you decide that a wedding DJ is too expensive and you want to DIY, don’t try to do it yourself with a Spotify or Pandora auto piloted playlist of songs that aren’t likely to get any one on the dance floor unless its a line dance they know. A novice DJ with home stereo equipment and a laptop connected to the internet playing from YouTube isn’t going to be anything but chaotic.  Imagine the interruptions from the commercials! A professional DJ has professional quality equipment to seamlessly mix a non stop transition of every song beat to beat! Most importantly, we own all our music and never rely on Wi-Fi at any event! We feature the greatest hits of all time from classic oldies of the big band era, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s to todays hottest hits in all varieties! We know how to pack a dance floor!

If the person you choose isn’t a professional entertainer, your wedding celebration most likely will be one where your guests will be looking at their watches and leaving the first chance they can.

Professional DJs know the right song to play for different moods and moments. A pre programmed playlist cannot.

When it comes to cutting the cake, the first dance, the father-daughter dance, etc., your DJ will know exactly what to do and what to play! We will professionally MC every element of your celebration!

These are talents gained from quality taste in music and working with people and at large events like weddings. That is something your friend with the YouTube laptop cannot deliver. We’ve been in wedding entertainment a long time! We guarantee quality!


  • The Right Equipment

A Professional DJ has all the necessary equipment available and some on standby in case something goes wrong.

So get a professional DJ you can trust and know you will be in good hands! Get to know DJ Brian Anderson!

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