Planning your wedding can be nerve-wracking. Anxiety could lead to confusion and vice versa. It is best to make a to-do list for your wedding, but mistakes are bound to happen even with that.


The goal is to reduce them and tackle them head-on by providing alternatives and plans B, C, or even D in hiring vendors. Trust is the most important thing here. We wrote another wedding blog a few years ago about it. Read it HERE.


You have to trust that they not only deliver but will do so on time and efficiently. Hiring a DJ can be tricky because you may assume that it is the easiest vendor to hire, but in reality, it isn’t. Here are a few things to keep in mind when securing a professional wedding DJ’s services in 2021!


  • Not Hiring Your DJ Early

Your DJ is the one who will perform at your wedding reception, and that means you need to book ahead instead of booking at the last minute to get the best of them!


Booking ahead also helps you do extensive research for which DJ will best fit your wedding style. Booking early also allows you to ask the DJ if you want to hire all the necessary questions and connect ahead of the wedding.


  • Hiring A DJ With Very Little To No Experience

Hiring a vendor with little to no experience is a very costly mistake you can’t afford to make. Why? Because your wedding ceremony could be a practice ground for him.


Instead of going home jolly and satisfied, you and your guests will go home with a single question: ‘What on earth was that?’


The simple reason is that your wedding ended up being underwhelming and under-satisfying the whole experience will be. Your dance floor is supposed to be full of fun, laughter, and merriment. Make sure you choose wisely.


  • Not Asking the Necessary Questions

Questions such as ‘Will you be the one performing at my wedding?’ ‘Do you take song requests?’ ‘What is the quality of sound and lighting equipment you will be using?’ and ‘Do you have back up?’ are some of the most critical questions you need to ask your DJ before hiring them. Also, do you own your own music? Many DJs these days use counterfeit illegally downloaded low quality music that sounds like an AM radio! Do they stream music from the internet or require Wi-Fi? If they say YES, RUN! Most importantly, is your DJ insured? DJ Brian will gladly show proof of liability insurance which protects not only him, but you and your venue, as well!


  • Hiring the Cheapest DJ because of Cost

While it is understandable that you are on a budget, going for the cheapest DJ available regardless of his or her limited experience is not the best idea.


Make sure that you don’t let desperation make you choose wrongly. Please do your research and ask for videos of their works before hiring them.


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