There are several aspects of your wedding day that needs to be properly planned and one of them is entertainment. Music, when rightly selected, defines the mood and tone of the event.

You have to know what music to play, where to play it, and when to play it. We have that skill and are here to help guide you through the process of selecting the right music for your wedding.

  • Start by Remembering the Good Times

In choosing songs for your wedding day, it is important that you and your fiancé factor in the good old times. These times are those that form the build-up to your wedding. Find out the music options that best reflect these times.

It could be a music that you heard on your first date or while on a vacation. It could also be a piece of music that holds memories of both of you while you were still dating. Remembering the good old times and selecting music that portrays these times helps to create a romantic feel everyone will relate too.


  • Then, Think of Your Guests

Other than you and your spouse, you have to think of the guests that will be in attendance too. Considering that these guests will all come from different walks of likes, you have to consider their age range, background, and personalities when selecting a song. You definitely will not want to play songs that your guests cannot totally relate to. DJ Brian wants to please you, your parents and grandparents, your senior age as well as your younger guests.

With our years of experience and vast music knowledge, we know the songs that will please your guests and keep a packed dance floor! We feature ALL the latest hits and the greatest classics of all time in all genres!


  • Be Ready to Make Compromises

Your big day is a comprehensive one with several aspects. This means there is a lot of time to play several songs. There is your ceremony, cocktail and dinner hour at the reception, your first dance as husband and wife, parent dances, and most importantly, the celebration time of open dancing – you can trust us to provide dance floor filling crowd pleasing entertainment.  It is however possible that songs you may like, your fiancé may not like them. This happens, and to make it through this, you and your partner should be willing to make healthy compromises. In our online planning system that every couple has access to via our website, you and your fiancé can create must play and even do not play lists of requests you want at your reception.


Here at Brian Anderson Entertainment, the success of your wedding celebration is our top priority. Brian is a professional DJ with several years of experience. He knows just what you need to create the best entertainment at your event and he works tirelessly to provide you with that. To discuss your music and wedding dreams, contact us now! Call anytime! 256-638-3535