“No mistakes in the Tango, Donna, not like life”

November 20, 2017

Welcome to the world of ‘no limits entertainment!’

This is a classic scene from “The Scent of a Woman.” Al Pacino’s character is blind. That doesn’t stop him from dazzling a young woman on the dance floor with a tango. She voices her concerns about making a mistake, which prompts Pacino to utter that famous line in the headline above. Here’s your takeaway: If you are planning a wedding, there is only one major mistake you can make, and that is to scrimp on the entertainment.

Seriously. Watch the video below as Pacino deftly guides the young woman, played by Gabrielle Anwar, through the intricacies of the tango even though she has never danced it in her life. The imperfections of her dance are invisible because Pacino knows exactly what he is doing and, as a result, he makes her look wonderful.

No limits entertainment!

That is what DJ Brian Anderson does for you: no limits entertainment that makes your wedding look and feel wonderful. Entertainment is the great equalizer at weddings. We know what we’re doing, which is to pack your dance floor and show your guests a great time, which makes YOU look wonderful!

Let’s go back to the Pacino video above. Did you notice the musicians? Very nice, except that 2 out of 3 brides prefer a DJ to live musicians according to a survey done by The Knot. There are good reasons why, beginning with price. DJ entertainment is affordable for everyone. And DJ Brian Anderson offers enhancements like lighting and photo booth that takes your celebration to a no limits level that makes the video above look like a bingo game at the old folk’s home.

No limits: we play any style of music!

There’s more. We can play more than tango music. In fact, we can play about anything you’d like. But if you like tango, you’re not limited to what a few string players with an accordion player can play. With DJ Brian Anderson, the sky’s the limit.

Do you like the tango music of the Italian chanteuse, In-Grid? Okay, you’ve got it!

How about a little Julie Iglesias? No problem!

How about some Michael Bublé? Your wish is our command!

Okay … that’s not really a tango, it’s the marimba. But that’s the whole point when you select DJ Brian Anderson: you’re not locked into a certain style of music all night long. The sky’s the limit … even with a limited budget … which is 99% of the brides in America!

If you and your betrothed know your way around the dance floor, well, just let us know. We’ll have the music you need to allow you to live out your “Zorro” fantasy and look just like Antonio Banderas and Katherine-Zeta Jones on the dance floor … or whatever style of music is your fantasy.

When you go with DJ Brian Anderson, there are no limits on your fun.



Marriage reduces stress

By tom quiner | February 11, 2019

marriage reduces stressAmericans are stressed, according to the American Psychological Association. The good news is that marriage reduces stress by helping us cope better in tense situations.

This is interesting stuff. Researchers in the Comparative Human Development department at the University of Chicago conducted a study on stress.

Researchers tasked graduate students with playing a series of computer games. The games tested economic behaviors.

Here’s where it gets interesting: they analyzed the saliva of participants before and after they completed the games.

Saliva contains cortisol, which is known as the “stress hormone.”

To make sure the students were stressed, researchers told them that these computer games were actually tests and a course requirement that could have a major impact on their future employment opportunities. Talk about ratcheting up the stress!

As expected, cortisol levels shot up in all participants, and interestingly, females experienced higher levels of increases than men.

The lead researcher, Dario Maestripieri, observed something even more amazing:

“We found that unpaired individuals of both sexes had higher cortisol levels than married individuals. What we found is that marriage has a dampening effect on cortisol responses to psychological stress, and that is very new.”

Another reason to get married!

If you’re planning your wedding, be sure to check us out. The sheer excellence of our entertainment, attention-to-detail, and extraordinary planning tools is sure to lower your cortisol levels! Spend less time worrying and more time celebrating with DJ Brian Anderson!

Read this only if you have two left feet

By tom quiner | February 4, 2019

There are two types of people in the world: those with natural rhythm, and those without. Those without sometimes THINK they are God’s gift to the dance floor when they … are … NOT. They desperately need the box step.

Actor Kevin James unwittingly displays the pitfalls of “free form” dancing in this hilarious scene from “Hitch” with Will Smith:

If you are a person who falls into the no-rhythm category, we are going to get you fixed up in less than 500 seconds.

If you are a person who is terrified of your upcoming first dance on your wedding day, fear not. You simply need to learn a single, magnificent dance move called the box step. And it’s easy.

This timeless wonder works whether you’re dancing to a rumba, a cha cha cha or a waltz.

The video below spells it out for you in a simple step-by-step process. Watch it and practice, practice, practice.

You don’t have to look like Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Michael Jackson or a Jennifer Lopez on the dance floor. Just learn the box step.  Practice until you’re confident with it.

Those born without natural rhythm can be taught to dance competently, and this video is an excellent starting point.

When it comes time for your wedding celebration, DJ Brian Anderson knows how to pack the dance floor, so even if you dance like Kevin James, no one will ever notice. Trust me. Everyone will be having too much fun!

Dancing unites the world! Get ready for the best dance of your life!

Inappropriate wedding songs

By tom quiner | January 28, 2019

This blog loves to write about special songs for your wedding day. There are so many of them out there! Today let’s look at some inappropriate wedding songs that aren’t really suitable for your wedding day.

“Make You Feel My Love”

Inappropriate wedding songs are typically defined by inappropriate lyrics or themes. For example, Bob Dylan wrote a song that became a big hit for multiple artists titled, “Make You Feel My Love.”

In addition to Dylan, it was covered by Garth Brooks, Billy Joel, Kelly Clarkson and others. Adele had a monster hit with it in her 2008 debut album, “19.” Take a listen …

What’s inappropriate about the song? The theme of the gut-wrenching aftermath of a break-up. Lyrics like these just aren’t a good fit for a wedding celebration:

I’d go hungry; I’d go black and blue

And I’d go crawling down the avenue

No, there’s nothing that I wouldn’t do

To make you feel my love

“Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do”

Let’s face it, breaking up is hard to do, which leads to the next song in our hit list of inappropriate wedding songs: Don’t play Neil Sedaka’s signature song, “Breakin’ Up is Hard to Do” at your wedding celebration.

Sedaka had a huge hit when it first came out in 1962. Listen to the original version which the All Music Guide characterized as “two minutes and sixteen seconds of pure pop magic:

Sedaka slowed it down in a 1975 reboot and had an even bigger hit with it in ballad format, complete with a schmaltzy key change. What a song for a slow dance, but not at a wedding!

“Stormy Weather”

Notice how Mr. Sedaka segued into another classic song towards the end of ‘Breakin’ Up?’ Make note: Stormy Weather is another no-no at weddings. You’ve heard of the ‘no-fly list,’ right? Well Stormy Weather belongs on the ‘no-wedding list.’

True, it’s a classic torch song, but torch songs about unrequited love just don’t fit into a wedding vibe which is all about REQUITED love, that is, love that is fulfilled. 

Check out Christina Aguilera’s take on this classic …

… and save it for a rainy day, but not your wedding day!

“I Will Always Love You”

This leads us to one of the most popular love songs ever, “I Will Always Love You,” written by Dolly Parton

This song is so good that it has been covered by scores of different vocal artists. 

This song is so good, that Dolly’s vocal version hit #1 on Billboard’s list of Hot Country Songs not once, but twice! Could anyone possibly top Dolly? Yes. Whitney Houston recorded one of the most electrifying songs ever with her take on this classic. She sang it in the 1992 movie, “The Bodyguard.” 

But there’s a problem with “I Will Always Love You:” it’s a break up song. Just check out these lyrics:

Bittersweet memories

That is all I’m taking with me,

So good-bye,

Please don’t cry,

We both know I’m not what you, you need.

Yes, this is an awesome song. Whitney Houston takes it over the top. And yes, the key change at the 3:10 mark is high drama. And yes, you’ll have a lump in your throat and tears in your eyes. But add it to the list of inappropriate weddings songs.

Sorry. Weddings are about the beginning of a journey, not the end.

And for the beginning of your wedding planning journey, your best starting point is this website. We offer dance-floor-packing wedding entertainment and really smart online wedding planning tools for our clients.

Let’s get started today.


Here’s what will probably go wrong at your wedding, and how to avoid it

By tom quiner | January 21, 2019
flawless wedding

A flawless wedding is your goal. You want your wedding dreams realized. It probably won’t happen, and yet it is so easy to achieve. Here are the types of snafus that are common at Alabama wedding receptions:

• Vendors are disorganized
• Timing is off
• Your guests get impatient waiting for you to arrive from the church
• Your guests don’t like your reception music
• Guests either can’t hear or have their ear drums blasted out since sound isn’t balanced
• No one dances
• No one has fun
• Your guests leave early

Have any of these happened to you?

Soak in this list. You’ve most likely experienced one or more of these problems at weddings you’ve attended in recent years.

The key to avoiding this mess is to be sure to utilize a professional DJ company at your reception with several hundred wedding receptions under their belt.

Don’t cut corners in the wrong place

Too many couples try to cut corners and go with the cheapest quote from a novice DJ or use a friend to play some tunes at the wedding reception. Everything that can go wrong usually does. Revisit the list above for a partial list of problems that await you.

But with a company like DJ Brian Anderson at your reception, a flawless wedding can be realized.

For starters, we coordinate the flow of your reception with other vendors. We’ve been around the block and have established a professional rapport with leading wedding vendors.

We are more than a DJ

 DJ Brian Anderson is more than a basic button-pushing DJ, he is a talented MC with a broadcast quality voice and knows how to flawlessly announce pivotal moments at your celebration, such as introductions, toasts, cake-cutting, and formal dances.

Caterers, photographers, and wedding planners love the way we make the timing of your event so easy and so flawless.

We’ll pack the dance floor!

Unlike your friends, we know how to read your guests and engage them in the fun of your wedding reception. We can coax even shy guests to the dance floor in a fun, natural way that ensures your event rocks.

Our equipment is top-of-the-line. You and your guests will enjoy clear, balanced sound that fills your hall without drowning out conversation.

Don’t worry if your photographer takes too long

If your photographer takes a little too long taking photographs of you at the church following your ceremony, don’t worry. We can play fabulous cocktail hour music to entertain your guests until you make your grand entrance. And what an entrance it will be!

We have just the right music and MC skills to turn this opportunity into an epic moment for fun.

Entertainment makes the event, but the wrong entertainment has a knack for undoing your wedding dreams.

For an upscale, flawless wedding, contact DJ Brian Anderson. We offer beautiful packages for any budget. Get ready for packed dance floors! Get ready to have your wedding dreams fulfilled!

It had to be you

By tom quiner | January 14, 2019

Nine decades have passed, and DJs are still playing “It Had to be You.” That’s because it is that good of a song. The Knot puts it at #21 in their list of best songs for a first dance. It’s such a good song that Michael Bublé and Barbra Streisand sang it as a duet a few years ago. Watch a few excerpts in the video above.

The song is the perfect blend of a great melody by Isham Jones and memorable lyrics by Gus Kahn, with a great hook like this:

It had to be you, it had to be you
I wandered around and finally found, that somebody who
Could make me be true
Could make me feel blue
And even be glad just to be sad, thinking of you …

The song is so timeless that the ageless Tony Bennett cut a duet with country super star, Carrie Underwood (above), and the song works despite the age gap.

A version sung by Frank Sinatra was used in the movie “When Harry Met Sally.” Watch the scene above. It totally works.

Aging rockers like Rod Stewart (above) can’t resist recording this gem.

Let me leave you with the complete version of Michael Bublé and Barbra Streisand’s interpretation (below).

Whatever version you prefer, we’ll have it cued up ready to roll for your first dance!

DJ entertainment is the great wedding equalizer

By tom quiner | January 7, 2019

great wedding equalizerWhen you think about your wedding celebration, your budget breaks down into three broad categories:  the LOOK & STYLE of your event vs. the EXPERIENCE of your event vs. the MEMORIES retained from your event.  DJ entertainment as provided by DJ Brian Anderson is the great wedding equalizer for couples on a budget.

We can help make your wedding better in all three categories and probably save you money in the process.

When couples are surveyed after their wedding has taken place, they tend to regret overspending on the look and style of their event. By the same token, they regret underspending on the actual experience of the event and retaining the memories created by that experience.

The LOOK of your wedding

DJ Brian Anderson acknowledges that all services are important. But here’s where DJ entertainment makes a difference: we can make the LOOK of your event better, a lot better, with decor lighting. And we can do it on a budget.

Couples on a budget love our lighting. We can transform a plain-Jane venue into a hall that has the feel of an elegant manor. In other words, our creative lighting design is a great wedding equalizer.

The wedding EXPERIENCE itself

DJ Brian Anderson’s entertainment services enhance the EXPERIENCE of your event, too. Let’s face it, entertainment makes the event. We know how to read a crowd and relate to your guests in a way that gets them out of their seats and on to the dance floor. 

Your guests will have the time of their life.  When people are having fun, it doesn’t matter how much you spent on the flowers or cake, they simply know that they are glad they made your guest list, another way DJ Brian Anderson is the great wedding equalizer.

How to sweeten wedding MEMORIES

And when it comes to MEMORIES, nothing makes them sweeter than a celebration where so many people had so much fun.  Photographers and videographers love us because we create so many photo ops. And we offer photo booth for a ridiculously fun way to enhance wedding memories.

Chances are, you have a delicate balancing act when it comes to budgeting your affair. If you call us, there’s no need to scrimp on your dreams. DJ Brian Anderson is the great wedding equalizer for brides on a budget.

Wedding trivia for recently engaged couples

By tom quiner | December 31, 2018

wedding trivia

American mating rituals are endlessly fascinating. If you’re in the early stages of planning your wedding, you’ll get a big kick out of some wedding trivia. In fact, you’ll find this info helpful.

Answers appear at the bottom of this blogpost.

What is the most popular destination wedding location?

• Las Vegas, Nevada

• Hawaii

• Des Moines, Iowa

• Bethel Alaska

In what month do most couples get engaged?

• February

• December

• May

• July

What percentage of engaged couples create a wedding website?

• 62%

• 72%

• 82%

• 92%

What was the first store to offer a bridal registry?

• Macy’s

• Tiffany’s

• Marshall Fields

• Sears and Roebuck

What is the average age of brides?

• 28

• 29

• 30

• 31

What is the average age of grooms?

• 31

• 32

• 33

• 34

What percentage of women keep their name when they get married?

• 10%

• 20%

• 30%

• 40%

What percentage of marriages were interracial in 1967?

• 3%

• 7%

• 13%

• 17%

By 2015, what percentage of marriages were interracial?

• 3%

• 7%

• 13%

• 17%

Who wrote the popular wedding song, “Here comes the bride”?

• Elton John

• Burt Bacharach

• Richard Wagner

• Cole Porter

On average, what percentage of the total cost of a wedding does a modern couple pay themselves?

• 20%

• 30%

• 40%

• 50%

What percentage of couples do a bouquet toss?

• 50%

• 60%

• 70%

• 80%

Which element in a wedding creates the most fun?

• Music

• Photo Booth

• Decor Lighting

• All of the above


Wedding trivia answers

[Drum roll] … get ready for the shocking answers!

What is the most popular destination wedding location?  Las Vegas, Nevada. Okay … maybe that one is not so shocking.

In what month do most couples get engaged? December is by far the most popular month with 16% of the engagements, followed by May and July with 9% each.

What percentage of engaged couples create a wedding website?  62%.

What was the first store to offer a bridal registry? Way back in 1924, Marshall-Fields pioneered bridal registries.

What is the average age of brides? 31

What is the average age of grooms? 33

What percentage of women keep their name when they get married? 20%.

What percentage of marriages were interracial in 1967? 3%.

By 2015, what percentage of marriages were interracial? 17%.

Who wrote the popular wedding song, “Here comes the bride”? Richard Wagner, who included it in his 1850 opera, Lohengrin. Ironically, the song is sung in the opera AFTER the wedding, not before, as you can see in the excerpt below.

On average, what percentage of the total cost of a wedding do millennial couples pay themselves? 40%.

What percentage of couples do a bouquet toss? 50%.

Which element in a wedding creates the most fun?

• Music

• Photo Booth

• Decor Lighting

All of the above … because entertainment makes the event.  DJ Brian Anderson provides all three, beginning with dance-floor-packing DJ entertainment; photo booth, which engages guests in even more fun when they’re not dancing; and decor lighting to create the perfect ambience.

[SOURCE: Wedding Wire; the New York Times; Loverly.]


Wedding flowers controversy 

By tom quiner | December 24, 2018

wedding flowers controversy

22% of recently married couples said they overspent on flowers

Even the Wall Street Journal got involved in the wedding flowers controversy. A man wrote in to their advice columnist with this question:

“I’m planning my wedding, and my fiancée and I disagree about one major topic—the flowers. All of the options we’ve seen are incredibly expensive, and I’m just not comfortable spending so much money on something that is only going to last a day or two. But my fiancée feels the wedding wouldn’t be complete without flower arrangements at every table. Is there any way I can change her mind?”

Good question

DJ Brian Anderson is a big fan of wedding flowers, because they are simply beautiful, and weddings deserve to be beautiful. But the question above is spot-on.

The wedding flowers controversy kicks in when the bills come due. In a survey conducted by Zola, 22% of recently married couples said they spent too much on wedding flowers.

According to The Knot, couples nationally average spending $2354 on flowers, some 7 percent of their entire budget. And yet according the Zola survey, these same couples wished (after-the-fact) that they had spent more on memories, wedding planning, and the entertainment.

Decor lighting can save you money

Maybe you don’t need flower arrangements on EVERY table, especially if you go with DJ Brian Anderson for the wedding entertainment. In addition to dance-floor-packing entertainment, we offer exquisite decor lighting. 

There is no need for you to get embroiled in the wedding flowers controversy that affects so many couples.

Decor lighting is really affordable.  It allows you to make a statement without blowing your budget.

In fact, we can transform even a low-budget venue into a palace with creative lighting. Learn more without obligation.  We love questions. Call today with yours and tell us a little about your upcoming wedding celebration:  1-256-638-3535.

Best mother/son wedding dance songs

By tom quiner | December 17, 2018

Last week’s blogpost looked at some of the best father/daughter wedding dance songs.  This week, let’s consider some of the best mother/son wedding dance songs.

A good place to start is Carole King’s “Child of Mine” from her iconic 1970s Tapestry album:

The lyrics are tender because they come from a mother’s perspective:

Child of mine

Child of mine

Oh, yes sweet darling

So glad you are a child of mine.

Josh Groban had a big hit with another beautiful song that works well for a mother/son wedding dance song:  “You Raise Me Up”:

The lyrics are truly touching, coming from a son’s perspective who appreciates his mother and finds strength from her loving presence:

When I am down, and, oh, my soul, so weary

When troubles come, and my heart burdened be

Then, I am still and wait here in the silence

Until you come and sit awhile with me

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains

You raise me up to walk on stormy seas

I am strong when I am on your shoulders

You raise me up to more than I can be

If you like a country feel to your songs, check out Lee Ann Womack’s big cross over hit, “I Hope You Dance”:

American Idol winner, Taylor Hicks had a hit with a song sung from the son’s perspective to his mom, “Do I Make Your Proud?”:

The refrain poses this question:

“This is what we dream about

But the only question with me now

Is do I make you proud?

Stronger than I’ve ever been now

Never been afraid of standing out

Do I make you proud?”

The answer is found in a mother’s tears as she dances with her newly married son.

Rod Stewart offers up a delightful, uptempo song for a mother/son wedding dance song with the always popular, “Forever Young”:

DJ Brian Anderson offers just about any song you can think of, so listen to the songs above and let us know if you’d like one of these for your mother/son wedding dance song. Whatever song speaks to you is what we’ll play.  After all, DJ Brian Anderson is proud to specialize in customized entertainment for your wedding celebration.

Learn more today without obligation.