What style of wedding photography is right for you?

October 23, 2017

wedding photography styles

Your wedding day presents rich photographic opportunities. The question is, of the four most popular wedding photography styles, which is right for you?

Think of the delightful moments you’ll want recorded forever: your entrance and the wedding vows; the cake cutting and the first dance; and the entire celebratory fervor which DJ Brian Anderson helps to cultivate.

This is life at it’s best. The moments captured by your wedding photographer matter.  These are the images you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

Here’s where things get fun.  Wedding photography styles are dramatically different.  Which is right for you?  Ultimately, it depends on your personality, your traditions, and your personal artistic tastes.

Wedding photography styles

For the sake of this blogpost, let’s focus in on the four basic styles offered by various photographers in this market area. Yes, there are variations on these styles, but these four really cover the approaches you’ll want to consider.


wedding photography styles

Traditional wedding photography

Let’s face it, most people love posed shots following a ceremony, whether it is in front of your church or in front of a redwood tree.  These traditional photographs allow a good portrait photographer to bring out the best in you and your wedding party.  Posing is an art form unto itself.  Your grandparents and your parents love these shots, because they had them at their weddings, too.  It’s great fun to go back and compare these portraits to see how fashions and hair styles have changed.  Traditional portraiture has gotten increasingly creative, with great poses in less traditional settings, such as your hotel or even a back road behind your venue.  Traditional portraiture doesn’t have to be stodgy.


wedding photography styles

Documentary wedding photography

You may not be a fan of posing. If you want a more spontaneous collection of wedding photographs, the documentary style might be a good fit for you.  Your photographer acts like a journalist, roaming your event to record the solemnity, as well as the fun, of your event.  Spontaneous moments, such as the antics of your bridesmaids or groomsmen are captured for posterity, as well as the romantic moments.  There are pros and cons of this style.  Pro:  the subjects aren’t looking at the camera.  Con:  the subjects aren’t looking at the camera.  You get the idea.  It’s all about what you want.



wedding photography styles

Fine art wedding photography

This approach goes beyond photo journalism by transforming a documentary approach into an artistic approach.  It especially lends itself to photographers who still use film, which is dying breed.  However, good digital photographers can still create art with creative use of the focal length of the photograph.  You know what I mean:  the subject in the foreground is in focus, but the background is blurred.  Yes, this style documents your event, but from the artistic perspective of the photographer, who typically prefers black and white to color photography.


wedding photography styles

Edgy wedding photography

These avant-garde photographers are not a good choice for couples who lean towards the traditional.  But if you like an artist who thinks outside the box, you’ll want to consider this style.  These photographers don’t frame their shots in the same ways as the photographers above might. They might even like tilted perspectives.  Edgy photography likes to transform the common place into the extraordinary.  There’s a case to be made for it, but spend time reviewing a photographer’s portfolio before committing.  That’s good advice for any wedding photographer you’re considering.

Wedding photography styles really do vary.  Some especially proficient photographers are able to embrace a number of different styles.  You can help them by letting them know which approach best fits your needs.

DJ Brian Anderson likes to know the style of wedding photography you prefer. It helps us to collaborate with you in designing the wedding entertainment look and feel perfect for you.


DJ entertainment is the great wedding equalizer

By tom quiner | January 7, 2019

great wedding equalizerWhen you think about your wedding celebration, your budget breaks down into three broad categories:  the LOOK & STYLE of your event vs. the EXPERIENCE of your event vs. the MEMORIES retained from your event.  DJ entertainment as provided by DJ Brian Anderson is the great wedding equalizer for couples on a budget.

We can help make your wedding better in all three categories and probably save you money in the process.

When couples are surveyed after their wedding has taken place, they tend to regret overspending on the look and style of their event. By the same token, they regret underspending on the actual experience of the event and retaining the memories created by that experience.

The LOOK of your wedding

DJ Brian Anderson acknowledges that all services are important. But here’s where DJ entertainment makes a difference: we can make the LOOK of your event better, a lot better, with decor lighting. And we can do it on a budget.

Couples on a budget love our lighting. We can transform a plain-Jane venue into a hall that has the feel of an elegant manor. In other words, our creative lighting design is a great wedding equalizer.

The wedding EXPERIENCE itself

DJ Brian Anderson’s entertainment services enhance the EXPERIENCE of your event, too. Let’s face it, entertainment makes the event. We know how to read a crowd and relate to your guests in a way that gets them out of their seats and on to the dance floor. 

Your guests will have the time of their life.  When people are having fun, it doesn’t matter how much you spent on the flowers or cake, they simply know that they are glad they made your guest list, another way DJ Brian Anderson is the great wedding equalizer.

How to sweeten wedding MEMORIES

And when it comes to MEMORIES, nothing makes them sweeter than a celebration where so many people had so much fun.  Photographers and videographers love us because we create so many photo ops. And we offer photo booth for a ridiculously fun way to enhance wedding memories.

Chances are, you have a delicate balancing act when it comes to budgeting your affair. If you call us, there’s no need to scrimp on your dreams. DJ Brian Anderson is the great wedding equalizer for brides on a budget.

Wedding trivia for recently engaged couples

By tom quiner | December 31, 2018

wedding trivia

American mating rituals are endlessly fascinating. If you’re in the early stages of planning your wedding, you’ll get a big kick out of some wedding trivia. In fact, you’ll find this info helpful.

Answers appear at the bottom of this blogpost.

What is the most popular destination wedding location?

• Las Vegas, Nevada

• Hawaii

• Des Moines, Iowa

• Bethel Alaska

In what month do most couples get engaged?

• February

• December

• May

• July

What percentage of engaged couples create a wedding website?

• 62%

• 72%

• 82%

• 92%

What was the first store to offer a bridal registry?

• Macy’s

• Tiffany’s

• Marshall Fields

• Sears and Roebuck

What is the average age of brides?

• 28

• 29

• 30

• 31

What is the average age of grooms?

• 31

• 32

• 33

• 34

What percentage of women keep their name when they get married?

• 10%

• 20%

• 30%

• 40%

What percentage of marriages were interracial in 1967?

• 3%

• 7%

• 13%

• 17%

By 2015, what percentage of marriages were interracial?

• 3%

• 7%

• 13%

• 17%

Who wrote the popular wedding song, “Here comes the bride”?

• Elton John

• Burt Bacharach

• Richard Wagner

• Cole Porter

On average, what percentage of the total cost of a wedding does a modern couple pay themselves?

• 20%

• 30%

• 40%

• 50%

What percentage of couples do a bouquet toss?

• 50%

• 60%

• 70%

• 80%

Which element in a wedding creates the most fun?

• Music

• Photo Booth

• Decor Lighting

• All of the above


Wedding trivia answers

[Drum roll] … get ready for the shocking answers!

What is the most popular destination wedding location?  Las Vegas, Nevada. Okay … maybe that one is not so shocking.

In what month do most couples get engaged? December is by far the most popular month with 16% of the engagements, followed by May and July with 9% each.

What percentage of engaged couples create a wedding website?  62%.

What was the first store to offer a bridal registry? Way back in 1924, Marshall-Fields pioneered bridal registries.

What is the average age of brides? 31

What is the average age of grooms? 33

What percentage of women keep their name when they get married? 20%.

What percentage of marriages were interracial in 1967? 3%.

By 2015, what percentage of marriages were interracial? 17%.

Who wrote the popular wedding song, “Here comes the bride”? Richard Wagner, who included it in his 1850 opera, Lohengrin. Ironically, the song is sung in the opera AFTER the wedding, not before, as you can see in the excerpt below.

On average, what percentage of the total cost of a wedding do millennial couples pay themselves? 40%.

What percentage of couples do a bouquet toss? 50%.

Which element in a wedding creates the most fun?

• Music

• Photo Booth

• Decor Lighting

All of the above … because entertainment makes the event.  DJ Brian Anderson provides all three, beginning with dance-floor-packing DJ entertainment; photo booth, which engages guests in even more fun when they’re not dancing; and decor lighting to create the perfect ambience.

[SOURCE: Wedding Wire; the New York Times; Loverly.]


Wedding flowers controversy 

By tom quiner | December 24, 2018
wedding flowers controversy

22% of recently married couples said they overspent on flowers

Even the Wall Street Journal got involved in the wedding flowers controversy. A man wrote in to their advice columnist with this question:

“I’m planning my wedding, and my fiancée and I disagree about one major topic—the flowers. All of the options we’ve seen are incredibly expensive, and I’m just not comfortable spending so much money on something that is only going to last a day or two. But my fiancée feels the wedding wouldn’t be complete without flower arrangements at every table. Is there any way I can change her mind?”

Good question

DJ Brian Anderson is a big fan of wedding flowers, because they are simply beautiful, and weddings deserve to be beautiful. But the question above is spot-on.

The wedding flowers controversy kicks in when the bills come due. In a survey conducted by Zola, 22% of recently married couples said they spent too much on wedding flowers.

According to The Knot, couples nationally average spending $2354 on flowers, some 7 percent of their entire budget. And yet according the Zola survey, these same couples wished (after-the-fact) that they had spent more on memories, wedding planning, and the entertainment.

Decor lighting can save you money

Maybe you don’t need flower arrangements on EVERY table, especially if you go with DJ Brian Anderson for the wedding entertainment. In addition to dance-floor-packing entertainment, we offer exquisite decor lighting. 

There is no need for you to get embroiled in the wedding flowers controversy that affects so many couples.

Decor lighting is really affordable.  It allows you to make a statement without blowing your budget.

In fact, we can transform even a low-budget venue into a palace with creative lighting. Learn more without obligation.  We love questions. Call today with yours and tell us a little about your upcoming wedding celebration:  1-256-638-3535.

Best mother/son wedding dance songs

By tom quiner | December 17, 2018

Last week’s blogpost looked at some of the best father/daughter wedding dance songs.  This week, let’s consider some of the best mother/son wedding dance songs.

A good place to start is Carole King’s “Child of Mine” from her iconic 1970s Tapestry album:

The lyrics are tender because they come from a mother’s perspective:

Child of mine

Child of mine

Oh, yes sweet darling

So glad you are a child of mine.

Josh Groban had a big hit with another beautiful song that works well for a mother/son wedding dance song:  “You Raise Me Up”:

The lyrics are truly touching, coming from a son’s perspective who appreciates his mother and finds strength from her loving presence:

When I am down, and, oh, my soul, so weary

When troubles come, and my heart burdened be

Then, I am still and wait here in the silence

Until you come and sit awhile with me

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains

You raise me up to walk on stormy seas

I am strong when I am on your shoulders

You raise me up to more than I can be

If you like a country feel to your songs, check out Lee Ann Womack’s big cross over hit, “I Hope You Dance”:

American Idol winner, Taylor Hicks had a hit with a song sung from the son’s perspective to his mom, “Do I Make Your Proud?”:

The refrain poses this question:

“This is what we dream about

But the only question with me now

Is do I make you proud?

Stronger than I’ve ever been now

Never been afraid of standing out

Do I make you proud?”

The answer is found in a mother’s tears as she dances with her newly married son.

Rod Stewart offers up a delightful, uptempo song for a mother/son wedding dance song with the always popular, “Forever Young”:

DJ Brian Anderson offers just about any song you can think of, so listen to the songs above and let us know if you’d like one of these for your mother/son wedding dance song. Whatever song speaks to you is what we’ll play.  After all, DJ Brian Anderson is proud to specialize in customized entertainment for your wedding celebration.

Learn more today without obligation.

Best father/daughter wedding dance songs

By tom quiner | December 10, 2018
father/daughter wedding dance songs

At a recent wedding, a father told me how hard it was to find good father/daughter wedding dance songs.  He finally settled on a super popular wedding song, “What a Wonderful World.”

Now this dad was very skittish about his dancing ability, and didn’t want to look like a total klutz on the dance floor.  He wanted to rehearse to the exact version of the song to which he’d be dancing.  The band playing at the wedding didn’t have “What a Wonderful World” in their repertoire of 100 songs, but they thought they could get it whipped together in a couple of weeks. The father was stressed at the thought of dancing with his daughter in front of 177 people to a version of a song he had never heard before.

This leads to the two points of this blogpost.

First, there are some really good father/daughter wedding dance songs of which you might not be aware, such as Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind.”

Steven Curtis Chapman has a tender song perfect for a dad and his daughter to dance to called “Cinderella.”  There won’t be a dry eye in the audience when the two of you dance to lyrics like these:

So I will dance with Cinderella

While she is here in my arms

‘Cause I know something the prince never knew

Oh, I will dance with Cinderella

I don’t wanna miss even one song

‘Cause all too soon the clock will strike midnight

And she’ll be gone.

A group called Heartland sings another tear-jerker called “I loved her first.” Check out these lyrics:

I loved her first

I held her first

And a place in my heart will always be hers

From the first breath she breathed

When she first smiled at me

I knew the love of a father runs deep

And I prayed that she’d find you someday

But it’s still hard to give her away

I loved her first

Check it out:

In case you not a fan of dancing to a waltz beat as used in the previous songs,  Bob Carlisle’s Butterfly Kisses is a perennial favorite, and it’s in 4/4 time!

Here’s the second point to today’s blogpost: with DJ Brian Anderson, we can play any of the best (or least) known father/daughter wedding dance songs around.  We don’t limit you to a repertoire of a hundred songs.

There are some terrific wedding bands around.  We know most of them, and even recommend them on occasion.  But with DJ Brian Anderson, your options are practically unlimited.  We can play the version of your favorite song you love most.

And we specialize in weddings, which means we can help you plan the perfect event with our planning tools. As a polished MC,  DJ Brian Anderson knows how to make the perfect announcement at the perfect time.

When it comes to selecting father/daughter wedding dance songs, we’ll offer recommendations if you’d like, or make sure we have the exact version of the song you want to dance to.

The father/daughter wedding dance is a big deal. We treat it that way.

Best Elvis wedding songs

By tom quiner | December 3, 2018

The King of Rock and Roll has been gone for more than four decades, but his music lives forever.  Millennials don’t put Elvis Presley on the same pedestal as earlier generations, so it’s worth a blogpost talking about the best Elvis wedding songs, because there are some good ones.

How popular is Elvis?  Well, some 382,000,000 people streamed his music on Spotify last year.  But a recent poll by YouGov discovered that 29% of eighteen to twenty-four year olds have never heard a single Elvis song.

He’s worth listening to because of his profound impact on music.  He blended gospel, rock and roll, and the blues to create to create an impressive, distinctive body of work.

Ballads, in particular, showcased the depth of his high baritone voice.  Hawaiian Wedding Song was a big hit Elvis, which he performed in the movie Blue Hawaii in 1961:

Elvis had another hit love song in his 1957 movie, Loving You.  Here’s the title song:

Can you picture your first dance to this song?

Elvis had a huge number one hit with a Civil War tune, called “Aura Lee.”  You may know it better by the name, “Love Me Tender,” with new lyrics supplied by Elvis himself and Ken Darby (although Darby used the pseudonym ‘Vera Matson’ on the credits).  Check out this old television broadcast of the song:

You’ll note that Elvis sang in an era with shorter songs, which is pretty good thing to consider on your first dance song.  After all, your family and friends will be itching to join you on the dance floor!

Of all the best Elvis wedding songs, which is the best? Well, it’s awfully hard to beat this one:

Which is your favorite?

Whatever it is, we have all of the best Elvis wedding songs, and we’ll play it on the best equipment with clear, controlled sound.  Elvis songs deserve the best, and that’s what DJ Brian Anderson provides:  the best.

Customized wedding ceremony music grows in popularity

By tom quiner | November 26, 2018

customized wedding ceremony musicYou know DJ Brian Anderson for our wedding entertainment services. Don’t forget, we also can provide customized wedding ceremony music.  This is becoming a bigger deal as more and more couples insist on custom-curated ceremony music matched to their personality, style, and religious traditions.

These couples aren’t content with a simple piano or guitar accompanist. They want an orchestra or the Whitworth Hall Organ. In other words, something a little out of their budget.

And yet it’s so affordable with DJ Brian Anderson , and we can play the version of your ceremony music you want.

Take one of the most popular pieces used for a bride’s entrance, Johann Sebastian Bach’s elegant “Air on the G String.” Hmmm … not the most romantic title, but the music exudes the grandeur of love.

Bach wrote the piece between 1717 and 1723, and it was part of a larger piece, called the “Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D major.”  It didn’t receive the current title until a German violinist, August Wilhelm, rearranged it more than a century later in a way where he could play the entire melody on one, single string.  You guessed it: the G string!

In 1967, the British rock band, Procol Harum, wrote a song called “A Whiter Shade of Pale” based on Bach’s chord progression and melody line for this song.  They sold a million copies of the record.  Watch the retro music video of the song below:

Customized wedding ceremony music

Some wedding couples are perfectly content to hire a local pianist to play the piece for the bride’s entrance.  Here’s a good example:

Simply beautiful.

Some couples prefer the original arrangement with a string section like this:

What an elegant way to make an entrance at your wedding ceremony!  The problem is, not every couple can afford a string section.

For the ultimate, regal experience, you can’t beat a pipe organ:

What’s a normal couple with a normal budget supposed to do?  We suggest that there’s no need for you to scrimp on your dreams. Let us play the version you love most using our professionally calibrated equipment that fits your space.

Whether your wedding is indoors or outdoors, in a cavernous church or in an intimate setting, DJ Brian Anderson can provide the customized wedding ceremony music you select from start to finish.

The sound will be crystal clear, controlled, perfect.

If you want to shift gears in your ceremony and hear an appropriate love song like Shania Twain’s “From this Moment On,” no problem!

Customized wedding ceremony music is just as important as customized wedding reception music.  DJ Brian Anderson provides both.  Your wedding dreams are our command!

Couples regret it when they scrimp on the wedding videographer

By tom quiner | November 19, 2018

wedding videographerZola did a survey of recently married couples to pinpoint post-wedding regrets.  They learned that couples really regret scrimping on memories, especially when it comes to professional wedding videography.

In hindsight, twenty-five percent wished they had spent more on the wedding videography (and 22% wished they had spent more on photography).

Where couples go wrong is thinking that good ‘ol Uncle Charlie can simply videotape their event, and it will only cost them a six pack!

Granted, video technology has closed the gap between a polished professional and a good amateur, but not by that much.

The top videographers are artists

They know how to tell your story in a finished wedding recap that friends and families will enjoy watching for years … and decades to come, as you can see in the example above from a wedding that took place in Georgia.

You’ll enjoy tasteful effects, smooth edits, multi-camera coverage, and great music in the hands of a polished professional.

The average wedding video goes for $1912

According to The Knot’s 2017 Real Weddings Study, the average price paid nationally for a professional wedding videographer was $1912.  But after the fact, according to Zola’s survey, couples wished they had spent more.  After all, these are the precious memories couples want to share with future children, such as the great father/daughter dance below.

Who knows, maybe ten years down the road, your future kids will look at a video like this one and say, “wow, look at those moves!”

Interestingly, couples also had regrets when it came to the entertainment.  Ten percent wished they had spent more.

DJ Brian Anderson offers great services, including decor lighting and photo booths, which allows you to create a unique event experience.

In fact, the Knot survey reveals that 41% of couples include wedding guest entertainment (beyond music) as part of their wedding reception festivities. This is up from 11% as recently as 2009.

So just as you shouldn’t scrimp on wedding videography, don’t scrimp on the entertainment, since entertainment makes the event.


Wedding invitation etiquette for contemporary couples

By tom quiner | November 12, 2018

wedding invitation etiquetteWedding invitation etiquette hasn’t changed much over the years. But the look of wedding invitations sure has.  Today’s couples are creating some wildly original invitations, but the basic etiquette remains essentially the same.

When to send invitations

wedding invitation etiquette

Wedding invitations are getting creative!

Are you getting married in town?  Then send your invitations out six to eight weeks in advance.  That gives most of your guests plenty of time to make arrangements and lock your event into their calendars.

If you’re planning a destination wedding, better get them out a good three months before your wedding date.

Increasingly, most contemporary couples send out save-the-date cards.  Ideally, you’ll send yours about about six to eight months in advance of your event.

Can you plug your registry info on your wedding invitations?

wedding invitation etiquetteNo.  Very, very tacky.  And don’t put it on your save-the-date cards either for the same reason.  Save it for your wedding website (which you CAN include on your invitation).  That’s the perfect place to list your registry details without looking greedy, which you’re not.

RSVP info

You’ve got two big considerations as your wedding date draws near.  First, you need a headcount for the caterer, who usually wants hard numbers a week in advance.  Secondly, you need some time to create your seating chart … and it does take some time.  Ask your guests to RSVP two to three weeks in advance to allow plenty of time for both.

Inevitably, some guests that you KNOW are coming still haven’t RSVPed. Pick up the phone and prod them before it’s too late to include them in your final planning preparations.

Dress code info

What kind of affair are you planning?  Alert your guests what to wear in the lower right-hand corner of your invitation with an apt description, such as:

  • Black tie
  • Cocktail attire
  • Casual attire

The style of your invitation will certainly signal the type of affair you’re planning.

The details that go into your invitation are pretty standard, but what you do with those details can be simply amazing.  Just look at some of the cool ideas on this page!

For some cool entertainment ideas, you’ve come to the right place!  Just check out this website, beginning with our wedding page. Popular dates book fast, so check out our availability today.